Sunday, 25 October 2009

on a roll....

'Cyclone' Botanical Soap 

an essential oil blend of Juniper, Petitgrain, Geranium,
Clary Sage & Bergamot. swirls created using violet
ultramarine, charcoal & TD.

'Spruce' - a soap for the christmas season

 a fragrant blend of Cranberry Fig, Moroccan Fig
and 'Santa's Spruce'. YUM. smells just like
xmas eve.

 'The Organic Collection'. now available at FuturePrimitive
A box of all 5 organic soaps from my range including:

'No. 11' - essential oils of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver
& Patchlouli

'Humbug' - essential oils of Spearmint, Peppermint &
Madagascan Vanilla absolute.

'Lemon Citron' - essential oils of Sicilian Lemon,
Grapefruit & Wild Chamomile.

'Potters Bar' - essential oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus
& Lemon. with wheatbran to exfoliate.

'Floral Marquee' - essential oils of Boubon Geranium,
Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang & Lemon.

Still got to make more!  I am soooo enjoying my soaping at the moment.
That ultramarine violet has been sat in my soap cupboard for nigh on a year...and I only just got round to using it.  Wot a fool.  It turned out so much better than I expected.
Weirdly, the scent of the soap smells purple....if anybody would like to try a teeny freebie slice, drop me an email and I'll send some to you when it's curing time is over.
Or...the Spruce one if you'd rather...or if you're a greedy guts..both.
Anyways, I'm off now as I've been sat on this 'ere pooter for far too long.
Been reading the book 'this is new york' today...the book of pics of 9/11.  That'll stick with me all night now.
Bit random I know but it's what i've been there.
Sincerely hope you're all well.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Free UK Post on my Weebly site


If you look to the left of my blog, you will see my FP ARTISAN SOAP SHOP.

All postage to the UK is free if you order via my weebly site.

I have loads of amazing soaps available at the mo, so take a browse and bag some goodness.

Happy Shopping !

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Two New Soaps

'Elijah's Comfort' - made for the memory of Matt's Great Great Grandfather, Elijah Comfort who was a potter.  In this soap I have included some Australian red clay, some rose petals, and the fragrance is a light, lemony tea rose. 

'Angela's Orchard' - perfect for this time of the year, this has been made with an apple walnut fragrance. I don't sense much walnut in it, but it does smell like warm, tangy apple pie. On the top I (well my sister) sprinkled some demerera sugar and some ground cinnamon.  After we'd covered it up for it's sap. period it decided to get mega hot and melt the sugar on the top. Not the result I was hoping for, but it's actually improved it. The topping is like a crunchy crumble topping.
The name..? We sat down for a little think, and I came up with Angela's Orchard. I used to work as a gardener and at the back of the house were orchards of plums etc, which gave off an amazing aroma of deep fruity you have it..the scent in the bottle reminded me of those orchards and the ever so lovely lady who owned them.

And now...for something a little different.  I've been thinking about offering gift boxes for a while, and am tweaking things here and there.  For Xmas, we are all giving handmade presents, and so I'm having to put my creative head on - rather than just hand over the usual bars of soap, I want to make something a little more gift like.

Inside the 'Botanical Collection' box. 6 soaps scented with essential oils. 
We have 'Sundown' with petitgrain, orange, geranium & lemon. 
'Walkabout' with tea trea, eucalyptus, pine, geranium & clary sage.
 'Lagoon' with lavender, patchouli & geranium.
'Geranium & Patchouli Slice' with...well use your noodle.
'Herbaceous' with thyme, sage, rosemary, marjoram & lemon myrtle.
'The Orangery' with sicilian orange, cardamon, ylang ylang & cedarwood.

And finally...a wall of all 16 soaps in my little range.  I aim to have 8 soaps in each section. 8 botanical, 8 fragrant, and 8 organic.
So...back to the pad 'n pen to think up some more new dreamy soaps.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

My Mum - the painter

My mum has painted reclaimed items for years.
The detail in her painting is quite unbelievable.
She notices every tiny vein in leaves, each hair on every flower stem.
She has been a nature lover from the day she was born and sees things in nature that most of us don't ever notice.
She is a true country artisan.
She doesn't think her items are worth much....she just enjoys the peace and solitude she gains when painting. I tell her she's nuts.
We all have some amazing pieces dotted around our homes.  Some that she painted up to 10 years ago have stood the test of time and still look as good now as they did when she first did them.
Nothing she paints ever seems to date.
So....when she and my pops started to make these birdboxes, I said 'hey, i'll try and sell a few of those for you if you like'....
'nah, don't be daft' came the reply!
Finally we convinced her, so I took pics last weekend ready to upload into Etsy.
If you click here you can see them all for sale on my etsy garden shop.
They will make gorgeous handmade xmas presents. And, they're reasonably priced too...especially considering the work that has gone into them.

These are just a few. More can be found on Etsy. And...more are being made and painted.
Great ain't she!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

tweaking packaging again....!

i've been playing again!  i'm absolutely never satisfied with my packaging.  trouble is that the soap is so decorative that it speaks for itself...but when i'm selling to retailers for stocking in their shops it must have some kind of packaging so as not to gather too much dust (hopefully they're not sitting around long enough), I use a cello bag, tied with organic jute gardeners twine to keep in with the gardening theme.
i then include a card inside each soap to give the buyer a brief description, the full ingredients list (which in the UK you MUST PUT ACCORDING TO LAW), my address (also law), and the website details and the weight (also law).
So, as you can imagine fitting all the blurb onto a card, which only measures 8cm x 6cm is pretty tough going., I have designed the label above.  I now have the ingredients listed on the back of the card (duh - why didn't I think of that before?) and a purdy picture on the front with the brief description.
No doubt I'll change them a little more...just to get 'em to my liking, but I'm quite chuffed with these after 2 hours sitting with photoshop etc...

If you have time, I would like your thoughts and feedback.
If you were a consumer (who actually bought soap instead of made it yourself) would you buy my soap with a packaging card that looked like this?
Obviously I need to do all the other soap cards too but since my 'Floral Marquee' has just finished its curing time I thought I'd start at the beginning.  I can be wise at times see....!