Wednesday, 24 February 2010

harvest moon...already?

nice balls.

nice peaks.

A newbie.
I dunno why but I had this 'orange' thing going on in my head for a few days, so I thought before I have to re-produce all of my regular range of soap, I'll get this one outta my system. It kept eating away at me...the colour and how I would achieve it, and knowing there would be a white swirl and also balls in it. Sometimes, the need to create a new one gets to you. It can sometimes be a chore when making the same soaps over and over....for me anyway...anyone else?
So...a bit of pad 'n pen action brought me to an essential oil combo of Sweet Orange, Clove Bud, Patchouli & Ginger. As I write, I'm thinking there's another oil that I added, but I can't remember right now if there is or not! Will have to check my notes...but I can't remember where I put those either.
Never mind. They'll turn up.
Now, I'm not a fan of ginger when smelling it straight outta the me it smells somewhat 'doggie'....or rather like 'doggie biscuits', but when added into a blend in very small quantities I find it very, very pleasant.
Even when cutting, this soap smelled divine and after a few days curing the scent has changed a little more into a 'fresh linen'-like scent. Very nice, especially when created naturally.
I didn't have a name until I cut it.
When I sliced the batch open, the balls looked like moons and the colour looked like harvest hay. So, there was my little soap making up it's own name all by itself.
I bring you 'Harvest Moon'.
Funny, I used to sell an Echinacea plant called just that too....but it died every time I tried to grow it.
Hopefully, this soap will live long...and prosper.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Elijah's Comfort reVAMP and something smells fishy...ish

New look 'Elijah's Comfort'. Elijah Comfort was Matt's Great Great Grandfather and was a potter at Winchcome. He made fine country pots using red earthenware clay. His name is a treasure in itself, so it was only fitting that I produced a soap in homage to him.
The original soap I made under this name was scented with an artificial rose fragrance oil. It smelled lovely, but I wanted to produce an all natural version using red clay, essential oils and organic butters.
Here we have it. The essential oil blend is: Bourbon Geranium, Petitgrain, Sweet Orange & Lemon. A sweet scent with a citrus top note. I added a dose of rose petals to the red to bring a little black into the equation along with a smidge of titanium dioxide for contrast.
I love how it turned out. It will be available from FuturePrimitive Soap and in my Etsy within the next 4 weeks.

nice chunky swirls and peaks. I just wanna sink my teeth in.

Here is another newbie. One without a name as yet. This soap contains seaweed powder, which when cut gave off a fish-like aroma. Noice!
It's curing out well at the moment, with little or no hints of fish as the days progress. Also in this batch, I added some Aussie organic yellow clay, and some dead sea mud mixed with sand, which I took from Gwithian beach in Cornwall last year, whilst on holibobs. On the top is a sprinkling of sea salt. The essential oil blend is: Lavender, Spearmint and Ho Leaf. Ho Leaf has fast become one of my all time favoured oils to use in soap. It has a buttery, warm scent. Just lovely.
I want to dream up a name to compliment the main something ocean inspired but not too obvious. I'll keep writing down ideas til I get it. This one is proving difficult though.

The beige colour is the yellow clay, the very dark colour is the seaweed, which must've reacted with the soap as it started out a nice olive green. The lighter colour is the dead sea mud and sand mix.

I've been rather tied up of late with making soap and sorting plants for the season, so sorry for my absence. I am however tweeting regularly...the usual shite that I churn out of my mouth!
Come follow me if you dare!
Hope you're all well and happy.
Catch up with you all soon x

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Arabica - A New Soap...and new soap packaging

A new soap named 'Arabica' with real coffee, honey, chocolate, cocoa butter and an essential oil blend of Orange, Vetiver, Patchouli, Clove Bud, Cinnamon & Ho Leaf. I'm not sure about the scent at the moment. I cannot stand the smell that comes from a fresh cut soap that has food items in just doesn't smell nice at all. This however, I think will be real good once it's cured.
I shall let you know...!

Arabica - cut

Arabica - not out of the mold yet

the road to Childswickham...we went out today!

soap samplers available in my etsy

new packaging of No.11

new packaging on 'Potters Bar'
Not too much to write today as i'm cream crackered.
Drank a little too much last night so have felt a little worse for wear all day today. Though, Matt and I did go out for a bit to try and find the spot where an old pottery used to be near Winchcombe. We didn't find it! was there in the 1800's so it's not surprising really.
The weather was hazey and cold today, so I just wanna sunggle up and watch TV tonight, so that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
I've been busy making soap again as the batches I made over Xmas have all pretty much gone. That can only be good...but a bit stressful. Hope I can muster the energy to get going again tomorrow. We all deserve a day off sometimes don't we....?
Anyhoo, hope you're all well this sunday.
Anyone in the UK noticed how the nights are getting longer.....?
Only a few more weeks til the clocks change. Can't blooming wait.