Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tiggy from FuturePrimitive Soap cutting Inches Lane soap

Cutting Inches Lane soap. This is the 2nd batch of this soap, which is inspired by my Grandma and her old medicine chest...and the house she lived in on 'Inches Lane'.
A essential oil blend of Pine, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Citrus & a smidge of Patchouli.
I mention a disinfectant like scent...but really it is very medicinal rather than school hall. It kinda reminds me of the smell of school halls when school is out and the mop buckets come into force.
I loved that smell...!
But...it's not quite so erm....school hall-y if you get me!
Enjoy x
Oh yeah...this soap is just regular cold process whereas the ones in the oven are CPOP.
Big massive hearty thanks to Sharon at Morgan Street Soap for her help and knowledge, which helped when trying this method for only the 2nd time ever. First time I got a volcano but there was some mix up with celcius and farenheit! (sssshhh - that was a long long time ago!)
Will post pics or video when I cut them in a sec.

cutting Potters Bar Soap

A video diary of me cutting soap...
First up is Potters Bar soap with an essential oil blend of Eucalyptus, Fennel, Lavender & Lemon.
With layers of pale pistachio green enhanced with wheatbran to exfoliate the hands of potters and gardeners. The perfect soap for this house.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Headline News...in The Telegraph

Hi gang!
Last Saturday we were featured in The Saturday Telegraph newspaper and have since been absolutely inundated with orders, which has enabled me to breathe a huge sigh of instant relief.
Those who know me well know that Matt and I have been under tremendous strain with money and have been holding out for a miracle that will enable us to continue with our little cottage industry.
This may only be short term...who knows...?
But it has enabled me to spend some well-earned cash on a shed load of ingredients so that I can get on with new introductions for 2011. I'm so excited!
If you missed the article on our Facebook page, please click here to be directed to the website 'In The Press' area. If you click 'The Telegraph' you can read it as a pdf.
If you click view you can change the page display to 'two up' so you can read it as it was displayed in the paper.
If any of our new customers are reading....thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart for ordering! It means an awful lot.
I've been tweeting and facebooking about it all....so I'm really sorry if I've bored some of my soapy friends...but really, I can't believe the response we had. It's truly incredible and makes me feel very, very happy to know that people really like the soaps as much as I love to create them all.
Next up....there will be a trip back to the archives....SNOWDRIFT soap is making a come back shortly. Those of you who tried it and loved it will be over the moon!
Keep 'em peeled!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Swash...to strike, move or wash with a splashing sound

Rook & Raven Swash Pot & White Witch Swash Pot below.

Yeah, that sounds like fun to me.
To make a noise whilst scrubbing up with a ultra polishing scrubby wash.
That's exactly what we want you to do with these new 'Swash Pots' (sugar wash).
Scoop out a globule, tease it a little then gently rub it all over your bod (not your face, silly) in circular motions (not you, the swash) then rinse clean away to leave incredibly smooth, pampered skin.
These work a treat, I've been using them in my bathroom for the past couple of weeks and they're wonderous! I love a shea butter scrub but not so much the ring around the bath after...so these are great for a rush job after work. You know the kind...when you don't want to clean up after your sorry self because you're work tired and all you want/need is a glass of red. I get like that rather a lot...ask Matt.
Mmm Mm.
Available very very soon in our little shop of delights.
The available scents will be:
Rook & Raven - left alone but with a bit of lilac for colour
Lavenders Black - with a smidge of activated charcoal to deep cleanse
No.11 - with a dusting of Aussie organic blue clay to help those with problematic/oily skin
White Witch - left alone, completely neutral white
Lagoon - with a sprinkle of Aussie organic olive clay to draw out impurities & tighten pores
Herbaceous - left alone. Nothing added
Elijah's Comfort - with Aussie organic pastel pink clay to hydrate, firm & tone (love the word pastel).
To be in with a chance of trying a sample for FREE, sign up to the mailing list which is up above on a new page...along with the Shop, YouTube & Facebook pages.
We will also announce the arrival of the new scrubs via our newsletter...which may include an introductory offer if I feel nice enough!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lavenders Black

The newest latest to hit the Black Bell Alley dept. of the website is Lavenders Black handmade soap.
Inspired by dark back alleys and underground pubs and inns.
Mysterious, dark-eyed men in top hats and tailcoats and shiny boots of leather!
Dark velvet drapes concealing a web of sin within.
An all natural scent created with lashings of Lavender, a lick of vetiver, a splash of juniper and spiked with spicy black pepper.
Something about the scent reminded me of 'Ooh La La' by Lush. A scent which I really like actually....the bubble bar in that scent is so good.
The soap is hard, lathers really well and leaves a nice subtle scent behind. One which is especially good for men so a perfect stocking filler for your spouse or nephew or brother or son or grandpa...anybody!
Or...for ladies who like a bit of masculinity in their scent should try this too.
I think we may bring out a perfume oil in this as well as grains & scrubs.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

671 Lincoln Blvd....

Cut 6oz bars of the Christmas soap some of you saw a few posts ago. I seem to be writing so many posts lately I can barely keep up with meself!
This ere soap smells like a proper cold Christmas morning. There are hints of Spruce and frosted berries with a hot pine finish. I adore it. I usually tire of fragrances but this one is something special. It's a blend of a few different f.o's, which have all complimented one another.

Notice how the swirl worked in this bit? I did a you tube video where I spoke of the funnelling I wanted to do but the soap moved quickly so I just couldn't do it. It would have been amazing! Maybe next year...
I did manage a couple and the pattern in this looks like strands of wool to me. The majority of the soap bars come with a plain white base however...with swirls of green, red & white with a dusting of 2 glitters. HOooo HOoooo!

Here he is in his packaging. A nice deep red with deep khaki green banding and random snowflakes.
The name...c'mon now...surely you know this one?

Monday, 1 November 2010

Pirates Range....on SALE

Pirates - the soap

Pirates 3 salt bathing grains

Pirates scrub and below the perfume oil.

If you fancy bagging a bargain head on over to the shop to the Black Bell Alley dept. or our Etsy
sale area to buy up some discontinued stock.
I've also done a You Tube video to explain why it won't be a permanent fellow in the FP line-up.
Most folks love this scent but it's just not for me and I don't agree with stocking something I'm not overly keen on myself.
Pirates is a fresh grass & beach breeze scent blended with Cedarwood, which gives it high notes of an oceanic aroma with dark undertones of wood.
Sounds nice, is nice, but not for me nice!
There will be some freebies for anybody who purchases the whole range.
I will throw in some of the more 'choice' samples so get yer skates on and have a little shop if you so desire.