Wednesday, 16 February 2011

One door opens...and one needs to shut.

The first 'drop' to appear in our garden. ↑

Muscari 'Baby's Breath' - just peeking thru ↑

↑ Crocus with their jackets closed...they've not opened yet to show the saffron.

↑ Eranthis Hyemalis (or winter aconite) in bloom.
Aren't they so pretty? I love their ballerina skirts!

↑ Echinops 'Blue Glow' with brand new furry leaves.
This is the plant with the globe-shaped blue ball flowers.
I love this!

↑ Allium 'Globemaster' in full leaf.
The flower bud and stem won't be up until around May. A long wait...but really really worth it. Bees love the flowers.
These are fab. The flower head gets bigger and bigger.
Each flower bud opens up like a little star and stretches out over the top of the already opened buds, creating a huge globe by the time it's done.
The power of plants and their habit amazes me. This is the part of spring and summer I look forward to the most. I absolutely revel in watching plants hatch into full bloom. It doesn't matter what kind of plant...grass, bulb, wild, hybrid...all have so much to offer the eye and I'm ready to take it all in and to find my inspiration for soap in all of the plants I grow and love.
Not just in my garden either...outside on our walks by the river...up in the the woods...wherever we end up this coming year you can be sure I'll write about it, Tweet about it, Facebook it, Blog it.
Actually...maybe not all of those things. This whole social media thing is becoming a bit of a joke to me, personally.
I was just having a think last night about all the things I do on the internet and to be really honest, most of it has started to make me annoyed and even sad at times.
I do it and have followed the masses and become part of a cyber world I can't say I care for too much.
It's ridiculous. I have a when it flashes red it means I either have a mention on Facebook or Twitter or it means I have an email to read. I don't want this! I want my peace back. A while ago, my phone broke and I had to wait for a new one. Lemme just tell you...those few days were bliss. NO flashing lights, NOBODY asking me a question about soap or whatever. NOTHING. NO BOTHER.
Then the new phone arrived...and I'm back on it like a lunatic.
I can't take this anymore. I want out. BUT, I've made friends and acquaintances and have become part of what I feel is an imaginary world. I know...I know these people are real, but I hope you get what I mean. It's not like knocking on a friends door and really laughing about life together is it? Or that spur of the moment thing. Everything you write has passed already.
So...what I'm saying is I like my real life better. I prefer my reality to my cyber.
I don't know how to make it turn around, but I am going to make an effort to leave my phone alone and to just get on with all that I do without unnecessary invasion.
I don't mind the emails so much. People can write a little more than the 140 character allowance you get on Twitter.
I like to interact, don't get me wrong...but there has to be a cull on all of these apps.
I'm excited about the prospect of some peace and to gain inspiration from all the nature on my doorstep.
It's time for change.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Walter Sickert....stirred something in me

On my birthday last week Matt and I took a trip to Oxford. We went to visit the Ashmolean museum for the second time. It's been a couple of years since we last went and quite a lot has moved/changed.
The last time I went I didn't have the time or the head space to really enjoy the paintings and the tapestries and the India dept. as I would have liked so this time since it was just Matt and I, we strolled around looking at the items, which stirred something inside us both.
Matt of course was checking out all the pottery (he's a slipware potter if you didn't know) and I fell in love with the Indian God sculptures and the Linens, the Egyptian Gold and the areas dedicated to all the great painters.
Walter Sickert though was the one who's paintings made me stop dead in my tracks. Not because I have anything in common with the paintings, but because they are so thought provoking and rather ahead of their time.
This one above just blew me away. I stood in front of it for quite a while before Matt found me.
I took this close up pic along with the storyboard for you all to see.
I love the expressions and the bottle on the mantlepiece and how everything in the home is as it should be...apart from the occupants.
Saddening. I almost want to jump in the pic and say "You go one way...You go the other"!
But at the same time I can see why they stay as they are.

Monday, 7 February 2011

White Witch..she's back

She's been away for a little while. I was waiting on my Geranium oil supply, which had increased in price I may add! Almost doubled since the last time I bought it.
So...I had to wait before making this new batch. I had a little time to think about a few tweaks to make her more sumptous.
She's not too different..but she got a little fatter and her top half has increased in size (hmm..bit like my good self).
Drizzled over the top of the peaks is a lovely Organic Cocoa Butter. You can't really see it as it melted into the still-warm soap a little but there is a very slight crust.
The scent is stronger and more potent.
This soap is the creamiest I make but I can't tell you why that is. Whether the E.O blend has something to do with it I'm not's the same base oil mix as all the others but it just lathers into a thick cream like no other. A good thing but I wish I Could explain why.
I guess some things are just magic and outta my control!
Anyways...she's back in the shop and on Etsy if you'd like a chunk of her.