Friday, 29 October 2010

Introducing....Elements Wellness Boutique

I recently took an order for products from a brand spanking new beauty boutique in New Jersey, USA.
Their salon has only just opened...with a range of FuturePrimitive Soap products at front of shop.
I'm so grateful to Sonya for choosing our products and sincerely hope all their visiting customers like them too.
There is a Facebook group you can join at the moment, which is here so please give it a thumbs up/like.
Are any of the readers of this blog in the NJ area?
If may be close enough to pay 'em a visit.

Thanks again Sonya!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Midnight Marauder....

Midnight Marauder was named by my nephew Ethan who is 10.
Inspiration for this ere soap was good old Harry Potter....and Peter Pettigrew.
Sprinkles of brown sugar & dried orange peel are scattered in zig zag lines over the top.
Footsteps run across each soap.
The scent is a combo of warm spices with citrus and sugar.
Lots of essential oils blended with a few choice fragrances.
Made with molasses and dark brown un-refined cocoa butter with a bit of yellow oxide for the flashing.
I was going to incorporate some red to mimic the colours of Harry's preppy scarf but then decided to leave it and keep it looking something you may find in a shop in Diagon Alley.
Coming out for sale in a week or so. I'll keep you posted.
Hope you are all well.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Soap Packaging

Something I struggled with for a good couple of years...soap packaging.
I toyed with brown kraft paper, with cello bags (no good as the soap sweats), with thick paper with my logo, with cloth, with many things...
I haven't shown the packaging of my soaps for quite some time.
I think the last post I did on this subject included my soaps with the gardeners string tied around them.
I soon tired of that as it's so time consuming when packaging larger wholesale orders.
Finally I allowed myself to agree on these strips, which simply wrap over each soap and are secured at the base.
All relevant info is on each strip.
I like the packaging colours to compliment what is inside.
The paper I have also allows the buyer to see the beauty inside too. Not see - through but near as damn it.
I know a lot of people struggle with packaging so please know that I have too.
I love a simple cigar band myself but when stocking in retail shops I think it's better to have the soaps wrapped.
I must say that Jaq from Soaphora has the most exquisite packaging.
Click here to see her's wonderful soap too!
I've been working hard on new strips for some of the new soaps I have made over the past few weeks. All will be revealed soon...the run up to xmas is just around the corner. I have 3 new soaps to show you very soon....

Thursday, 14 October 2010's coming....

A very sneaky peek. New Christmas soap as yet un-named.
This is just a little preview....the rest will come once it's ready.
The cut comes tomorrow. I hope it will be alright since it set up pretty damn quick.
Time will tell....

Monday, 11 October 2010

One ready and available

One of the nicest, most earthy soaps I ever made.
It's ready.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Shores of Fiji...a proper introduction

The perfume in a 5ml apothecary bottle

The Shea Butter Sugar Scrub - 200g jar.

The Bathing Grains in a 250g ziplock bag.

Shores of Fiji was created a little while back and kinda took a backseat whilst all the products for Halloween were introduced.
Now as my mind rests before I tackle Xmas production, I find myself in need of a holiday.
I'm not going to get one....
The next best thing for any beauty product junkie (like my good self) is a good long soak in the bath and a good ol' dream of lounging about in the South Pacific.
So....what have I been reaching for? own own little holiday in a jar/brown bag/bottle.
My own island paradise without the cost of the air fare.
The scent is wonderful. It's not a mix of essential oils, it's a heavenly blend of fragrant oils.
The top notes are sun-ripened Mango with a faint hint of pineapple and sugar which then blends into a creamy toasted coconut base.
How could I have neglected this???!
It's super good.
Last night I sprinkled some grains into my bath and lay back in the tropical - scented waters for a while before scooping out a generous amount of the sugar scrub. The scrub texture is like a really thick cookie dough. It's not sloppy, it's firm in the jar due to all the organic Shea butter I've lashed into it. It works a treat on knees and upper arms and of course the backside area.. ; )
It leaves the skin super soft without the need to use a separate moisturiser afterwards, which is great for people like me who can't be arsed to mess about after I dry off. I just want soft skin without putting an hour's worth of effort into it.
The scent from the scrub lingered a good long while too, which is a bonus.
After I'd made these 2 products I set about making a perfume oil to match.
I did it!
I like to layer my products so I get a good hit of the scent yanno?
So from Bathing Grains to Sugar Scrub to perfume....I'm all set for my little fantasy.
Blue skies with a few whispy clouds, hot sun, the scent of limes on a sea breeze, a cool glass of margharita in one hand and a plate full of lobster in the can be achieved..with a little bit of imagination...and with this little range of SHORES OF FIJI
PS: there is no soap in this range....should I make one?!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Samples...oh and Facebook!

Click the pic to 'like' our page.
Yep...I jumped on the bandwagon....
I said I wouldn't bother with a Facebook page but my friends have taken to it like ducks to it worked out ok.
If you want to like can now!

We now have sample sizes of our perfume oils and our Shea Butter Sugar Scrubs
The perfumes are now available in 1ml drachm vials.
The scrubs are available as half size (100g) pots.
It's good if you can try a smidge of a product to see if you like it when you're buying online I think....and most other sellers do this so I've joined the gang.
More perfumes to come shortly.
Pen and paper is out and scribbles are running over the page!
Ideas Ideas...loving this!
To try your here

Friday, 1 October 2010

2 New Soaps...and soap size news

it doesn't come with the fancy feathers! I had a play about!

Hi all
2 more new handmade soaps are now in the line up at FuturePrimitive Soap dot com.
In addition to our recent 'One Ring' soap, we now have:

Inches Lane - a soap inspired by my Grandma and Grandpa and the lane on which they used to live...and where I lived with my Mum for years. This was the bestest and most beautiful home. Not a big house....but a good old fashioned victorian house with wonderful features (a larder, an open fire, 2 living rooms, a lovely long back garden full of flowers and the most beautiful south-facing view). I've always said that if that house ever came back on the market I would buy it if I could afford it....dreams, dreams...
The aroma coming off this soap is very much like my Grammy's old medicine cabinet. The cabinet had a chicken wire front and was painted green...and inside were all manner of medicine's - like Vicks Vapo Rub, Bandages, Plasters, Germolene...yanno..the usual Grandma medicine cabinet. Something for all ailments.
A blend of Rosemary, Pine, Eucalyptus with Patchouli (a smidge) and Citrus.
It contains poppy seeds to lightly scrub and the colour is like my old school uniform. White with droplets of navy blue (made with charcoal and real Lapis Lazuli - not ultramarine, which is the chemical synthetic version).
Love this soap.

Next up is the long awaited 'Rook and Raven'. This is a blend of Sicilian Orange and Black Patchouli with a drydown of Sandalwood & Vanilla.
Honest to GOD the scent of this is absolutely stunning. I have brought it out for Halloween, but I've a feeling it may stick around longer.
I am hooked...totally. I have to keep sniffing it as I walk past the curing room. I have been wearing the perfume for a couple of weeks and I love it.
Such a warm, cosy, winter scent.
This again contains activated charcoal, lapis lazuli but this time is mixed with deep purple ultramarine. Matt loves this! It does look very dark and mysterious.
Both new soaps will be available mid October...keep 'em peeled!

Now for some news...
Our soaps have gotten smaller! Don't all gasp...!
This will make them more accessible to all from a postage cost perspective.
We have a lot of customers in the states and across the globe who love our products but don't love the postage costs.
As you know our soaps are a rather large 6oz, which is 2oz larger than your average bar.
They are lovely and chunky and we love them but we have concluded that in order for them to be available to all with a low postage cost they need to be smaller.
So...the mail order soap will now be 4oz in weight. They still look amazing and will not change in any other way.
The postage to the US has now dropped from a whopping $6.50 to just $4 per bar (or thereabouts...depending on the daily exchange rate).
The price of the bars has also dropped by £1. All are now £3.50 per bar!
This price will probably have to rise on some of the limited edition soaps but for now the price stands, which should help with those xmas purchases.
We hope you understand our decision..
The soaps avaialble in the shops will still stand at 6oz..apart from in the states where they are 4oz anyway.
Overall conclusion is that everybody can now enjoy our soaps for a much more reasonable price, which means you can buy more at once!
Can't be bad can it.