Friday, 28 August 2009

following in the footsteps of the soaping heroes

where i was this bank holiday weekend.

vanilla buttercream by innerearthsoaps

Geranium & Patchouli slice by FuturePrimitive

'cutie pies' by Sudstress

chocolate almond cake by producbody
has now sold out! so click here instead to view jo's toffee soap...yum

chocolate coconut cream by SVSoaps

caffe vaniglia by saponisimo

cafe mocha by DECA Candles

There's a first time for everything....
This weekend I did a small plant/soap/tools sale in a beautiful setting....Overbury Estate.
I sold MORE SOAP than I did plants! So happy!
That has never happened before, but I got lots of comments about them, and lots of sales so I came away full of inspiration to make more...
The plants still sold, but it's a funny time of year now...the leaves are about to fall and that autumn 'nip' is in the air...i like it.
Conkers are pretty much ready, so I may take a walk later and open some up. I feel like a kid when the conkers are it!
Today I am going to the Fishing Festival in Evesham for a well-earned rest.
Last year there was this guy selling the most amazing fudge, so I'm off to find him again. He'd better be there...
He sells his fudge in logs and they're all covered in lovely things...coconut shreds, name it, you got it...and he cuts it in front of you (if you're not Pig enough to buy a whole log) with a big fudge slice (bit like a soap cutter...wish I had his job!).

So...for now, I leave you with some soap pics and links inspired by lovely foods.
I did sneak my own Geranium Patchouli slice in there...well it does smell heavenly and it has a cocoa powder line!


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

i'm going through changes...

new - mango & blackberry bath melts
new lime, basil & grass bath melts
my favourite pastime you are all aware..
'almond biscotti' - my new soap inspired by posh coffee shops.

The Wryneck - a rare woodpecker type bird - sadly maimed by a filthy feline

been away a while..sorry folks.
had a bit of a hectic time of it lately. seems to be all work work work..and to be honest I've been a tad addicted to twitter. it takes less time and effort!
so anyway, i've been busy making still....the organic range of soap has shot off the shelves, and now i need to re-stock. i didn't expect that..i sold out of 3 types already.
thanks to all who have purchased - whether from the website or from local stockists.
this weekend i have a plant/soap sale in Overbury, Glos so if you want to come and meet me and buy some goodies i'd be very glad to see you.
other goodies made include more buttercream bath melts...made with organic cocoa butter & clays for colour. love making easy to do with great results.
i'm afraid i shan't be listing any yet as i generally just make them for me. but if you should want some, drop me a line.
other news:
matts' parents have a naughty cat, who recently killed a rare bird..a wryneck. see the pic. these are almost extinct in the UK...well they are now thanks to Ziggy! though, if there's one then surely there are more...? it had beautiful feathers. wend and pete put him in the freezer and the people from the RSPB are coming out to pick it up for research.
there it was idly eating ants on the lawn...when it was visciously attacked by a chav cat! wouldn't be surprised if that Ziggy sports a burberry hat and reebok classics...

more news: more goodies available from Matt - he has finally uploaded a stack of pots to his Etsy, which I'm pleased about! been nudging him for weeks...
click here to view his shop - nicest pots available this side of....erm....well....just lovely pots!
i'm incredibly impressed by the latest ones...and they're all up there for sale. going quick get in there!
the mugs are extra special.
so....that'll do you for now. will be back...promise

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Lemon Citron & New Wooden Gardening Tools

Lemon Citron - a new ORGANIC soap with a creamy citrus essential oil blend, organic cocoa butter and organically grown lemonbalm (from my garden).
It smells like a lemon truffle - you know the ones from Thorntons from the Summer Fruits collection. I love all things lemon, so am soooo looking forward to trying this chunk.

A new genius garden tool for the eco tools range available from FuturePrimitive
A dibblet at one end (for pricking out seedlings), a dibber on the other end (for planting out plugs or grown on seedlings) and a furrow maker in the middle for seed sowing.
I love this, I think it's actually a very useful gardening item. Get yours now! God, I sound like an idiot from QVC.

The Q Bowl. Another new edition in the eco garden tools section.
I can never get enough boxes and dishes to hold all my daily tit bits and this is great.
Useful for sowing seed - it works makes it easier to pick the seeds up for sprinkling instead of having to sprinkle them straight out of the packet.
Also good for any other 'bits' you need but want out of sight.

The closed article.

Lilium lancifolium 'Farrers Form' in my garden. About to pop.

Echinops 'Blue Glow' - also in my garden...and look at my Miscanthus 'Hinjo' that grass.
Busy week this week, but there's a few pics for you to chew on til the weekend.
Oh, and some fun news - my soaps are going to make their way across the pond and will be available to purchase in Virginia, USA in Sept/Oct.
They will be available from: The Liberty Town Arts Workshop. Thanks to Dan Finnegan.
How cool is that. I can't actually believe it, but am really happy all the same.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Gwithian Dreams

About to crack open the houmous and tiger bread.

Happy in my tent with my own duvet!

Matt at the top of Gwithian

Gwithian sunset

Cold, but I had a toe dip

St. Ives ceramics. And a wonderful deer hound, named Sid.
I'd love to have brought the dog home...!

Nic Collins tasty pot outside The Leach Pottery. Damn that boy makes some fine pots.
Absolutely love this...and HAD to touch it.

Gloomy, spooky St. Ives

but after one of these and a lovely stone-baked pizza.....

this happened. At 4pm precisely.
Pottery at The Leach Museum.

We packed our belongings for a few days rest and recuperation in Cornwall, England.
In dire need of a break, we did this little trip last minute and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
The drive down took about 4 hours as usual. As soon as we hit Cornwall, it rained...and I mean rained! Terrential downpours all night. The noise inside our tent was not desirable...sounded like a bunch of bloody bombs going off and the wind...well, let me tell you...batten down the hatches or what..
The next day wasn't much better, but I'd had a forecast from my sister via voicemail, which said come 4pm Cornwall will be'll never believe it, but it was BANG ON 4pm that the sun decided to decend upon St. Ives. Everybody took to the beach and there were smiles all round. British people are great and very funny in these circumstances. It's like everybody had been given a happy pill with an instant effect.
We spent a few days visiting spots we love, and made our way home on Friday, which incidentally took 6 hours. Some idiot decided to bang into another idiot at junction 18 on the M5. Right on the bridge...what are they, nuts? Anyway, those fools caused a tail back for a few miles, which 'brought out the best' in the British driving public. Just imagine that for a second.
Matt's car decided to overheat as well, so our little break almost turned into a little nervous breakdown!
Glad to be home - you bet yer ass we are. Soap to be made, pots to be thrown and a cat to be snuggled.
Next stop....tropical island!