Monday, 29 March 2010

cookin' up a storm

'cyclone' logs

'cyclone' peaks

just 'cyclone'

My balls

packets ready for sending.
I done made this 'Cyclone' soap yesterday. I didn't have a lot of Juniper oil left, and getting hold of some quickly proved difficult (and expensive), so I tweaked my recipe.
This now has a smidge of black pepper, which is actually quite similar to Juniper in that it has a lot of the same components, which make up the essential oil. I shan't go into the blurb and bore you though.
It smells so so nice. A really light, yet biting scent with an ozonic aroma. I have some available still but was running a little low. I add organic shea to the mix to make it extra good for the skin. To purchase one of the cured bars, click here to buy from FuturePrimitive Soap or click here for Etsy purchasing.
I've been quite busy lately with web orders, which is really great. Thanks to all who have ordered. Your soaps are on their way this week. Whilst packing them up, I thought I'd take a few pics to show the finished articles. I really like the way they look now, though I've been contemplating trying some different coloured strings. I've seen the ones I want, I just gotta go get some. I'm really happy with the new paper. It lets the soap breathe, and keeps them fresher for longer. (God, that sounds like a panty liner ad!).
The picture of the balls is just to show you how nice they look in a pile! Bored again...though not as bored as when I made my spirals!
Today, I had a nightmare with my car. On Friday, I was leaving Cheltenham and as I put my foot down, my car went nuts and decided to shoot off like a rocket, leaving me almost helpless to try to slow it down. Luckily it did, but not without giving me a half heart attack.
I got home in one piece after driving very carefully. All this weekend, it's been fine but I've only been going about 30MPH due to just driving to Tesco etc.
So...this morning, I set off for work and get onto the bypass, put it into 4th gear, then up into 5th and the damn thing does it again! Again, heart pounding like a good 'un, I slow down (just), breathe and think to myself, I'll go to Mums then call the garage and ask them to take a look.
I get to the garage, and my good friend Coley says, 'c'mon let's take it for a spin'. 'Ok, but be careful', says I.
What do you suppose? It doesn't do it does it?! So I now look like a typical dumb woman talking rubbish. We go 70mph, nothing. We go 80mph (hope the police aren't reading this), again nothing.
Coley turns to me and says 'I ain't being funny or nothin' but you don't suppose it could be the mat do you?'. (i did actually think this myself but thought it couldn't be that simple).
Then, it occurred to me...I'd cleaned out my car of crap and debris after going to the tip last week. It was then that I removed the mats, cleaned 'em up and put them back in the other way around.
So...what had been happening was just that. The car only played naughty once my foot pushed the pedal to the metal...and got caught underneath the mat, making the car go crazy, revving at 4ooo revs, and whizzing off like a nutter.
Panic over!....but a warning to all stupid ass women like me all over the world....check the mat before you blame the clutch, engine, brakes, or man.


Emma said...

I can't drive without a ton of crap wedged under my accelerator! Quite funny though. I am a total idiot when it comes to cars, which is worrying as i just bought one off ebay... uh oh.

Jabonera said...

I really like the soaps that you are all precious. I also thank the tutorials that are putting on the blog. Congratulations on your work.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful amazing soap!
Don't feel bad about the trashy car backward mat business, I once went two years without remembering to change the oil :(

Amy Warden said...

This post is fascinating on so many different levels. Love, love, love the soap. And the soap balls. Equating the paper description with a pantyliner ad cracked me up as well. And of course, your car story is priceless! Thanks for the entertainment!

Lavarie said...

Wow! Cyclone is such a soap-beauty!
And forgive my, please, but I had to laugh out loudly reading the picture-title "my balls". How many men would whish for so many... ;-)

Topcat said...

Tiggy, I am so glad you are safe! That would have scared the carp out me too :o Glad it was such a simple solution too....

Cyclone is an awesome soap! Totally beautiful and I love the idea of Juniper and Black Pepper together - now I have to get me some of them....methinks you may be an enabler :P

BTW - love your packaging too :)

Three boys and a girl... said...

Hi- I've been following your blog for a short time but have learned so much. I am going to be opening up a soap shop next year and am researching/experimenting this year. I love your packaging and was wondering if you had any pointers or could give me a website of the company that does your printing. Any info is helpful. Love your blog and the soaps are beautiful.

Artisan Soaps said...

I'm sorry but I had a bit of a giggle both at the panty liner line and the car - I'm sure it was quite a shocker at the time though!

As usual your soap looks gorgeous! I haven't had a chance to soap these last couple of days and seeing this has got me all antsy - may just have to break out the scale and mould when the boy child goes to bed ;)

FuturePrimitive said...

Hi all. thanks for the comments. Bloomin' car!

The Morbid The Merrier said...

Those peaks are gorgeous!!!! God, I'm sooooo jealous of your talent.

Lavandine said...

WOWWWWWW! Your cyclone is beautiful! You have to show us how you do it for your next tutorial (wich I love, by the way) I've lined a soap with cocoa in your honnor! You are my inspiration!

kat said...

Good God Tiggy, beautiful work.

Joanna said...

I have a dumb question, Tiggy. You make this big slab of soap. When you cut it into logs, what do you cut it with to get such even, smooth and perfect lines??

Anne-Marie said...

Oh my goodness, the soap, the soap! It looks incredible - the textures are rad, awesome and totally art-worthy gorgeous. Love love love 'em.

FuturePrimitive said...

Morbid (lysa!), Kat, Lavandine, Jo Jo & Anne Marie...thank you all!
Lysa...I so love that pic of you on my screen, you look how I want to!
Kat, you are the lovliest. us the soap with the line then...
Jo Jo...I just cut my logs with a long kitchen knife. I do have a technique though, which I suppose I shall have to do on a video for you x
Anne Marie...your words mean an awful lot to me, thank you x