Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Back to where it all began...

The first batch for sale...check out the cocoa line bleed.

How the logs came out after incorporating Palm Oil.

Again...with Palm Oil. Notice how the bars are a lot more dense.

Lord knows which batch number this one is.

A recent rustic batch.

I salute this soap. My soap journey began with it.
The Geranium Patchouli Slice was introduced to the range long after the first batch was produced.
My nephew Thomas said...'Make more of that white one with the patchouli in it'.
Ok, says I.
I would never have thought this would be the ultimate best seller, but less is more in so many cases here.
The look of the soap is simplistic. The scent is strong but subtle. It's floral and earthy as you would expect.
It feels ultra luxurious and lathers with a deep creamy consistency.
I'm writing this as for the first time in ages I have a chunk of it in my bathroom. I don't get too excited about my own soap so much anymore - not to say i don't enjoy my soap, but yanno.
However, I am actually looking forward to going for my bath. I even look forward to reaching over the bath to grab it just to wash my hands.
It's packed full of cocoa butter, so it has quite a hard bulky body. It's amazingly good on the skin, and it helps keep my eczema at bay. I've heard it helps a little with the itch of psoriasis too...from a customer.
In the shops who kindly sell my soaps this is always a best seller.
I even had Ben Miller (of Armstrong & Miller fame) buy 4 from me in one go at a local village fair I did last year. He took a whiff and said 'Oh my God...amazing!'.
My heart...warmed?....you betcha.
So...no sales pitch...just a reminder of one of the best and the people's favourite.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, 16 April 2010

The Water Gatherer

Here is where I get my mineral water from for soapmaking.
The Malvern Hills, Worcs.
Pics to show you the fun me and my Mom had yesterday!
I think pictures speak a lot louder than words sometimes!!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Graffiti - you may need shades

So, here we have it! My Graffiti soap.
Bit of a nightmare actually, and not exactly what I had in mind.
In mind beforehand was a fuchsia pink base, the black line, a purple layer & black line, lime green layer & black line, and brilliant blue top.
What I got after using lab colours was: An insipid pale pink, a blue purple, lime (ok, I'm loving the lime) and a blue top with silver glitter.
It smells sweet. A combo of freshly baked bread & lemons....so like lemon bread, whatever that is.
I'm so not sure about this. Matt loved it. I'm a bit miffed that I didn't get the colours out of the lab colours. When I mixed the pink, the batter was BRIGHT PINK but this must've reacted during the insulation period and turned back to almost natural soap. The pink was on the very base still but that's all.
I keep picking a chunk up and looking at it with a quizzical grin. Hmmm, I'm not sure. Don't think I like it but that acid lime green kicks ass.
I need a name. A good name. I've been looking through some of our books at home. We have 'Subway Art', Banksy flip books, 'Spraycan Art'....I shall trawl through and find something apt.
I've been a lover of this 'criminal' art for years and years, so what better way than to put it into soap.
I leave it to you to decide what you think. Feel free to be frank in your comments.
This soap shall be on sale in my Etsy in about a month. I shall update you. It will be cheap!

Friday, 9 April 2010

me likey

I trawl through Etsy a lot.
It's my favourite shop of choice (mostly). I've been doing some swaps and have bought a couple of items recently so thought I'd share 'em.

The lovely Sharon from Morgan Street sent me this little package after I'd mentioned how I wanted to try the Parma Violet soap on Twitter. She DM'd me and said I could 'have' a bar and that she'd throw in a lip balm too. Ain't that the sweetest thing! Love Sharon so much. She really cracks me up on the Twit. My mom loves her too.
Check out her Etsy quick cos she's about to have a re-arrange and is closing it for a short while.
I gotta tell ya, the soap is absolutely amazing. I have tried lots of soaps, but this is the first that has really made my skin feel ultra soft. Really good stuff.

A fragrace sampler by 'The Morbid The Merrier'.
These are wonderful. Little tiny bottles of potent perfumes made by Lysa. Lysa is ace. I love her hair, I love her makeup, I lover her shop style. The Carnival Freak Show thing she has going on just gets me every time. LOOK AT THE FONT! I know, sad ain't I...but I love this stuff.
If you want to revel in her delights, go to her shop here.

'Jungles of Brazil' by Skin Journey.
Upon first sniff, I thought of ripe tropical fruits, a smidge of mud and a droplet of green notes.
I re-apply this all day if I choose to wear it. I love it. It's a strong scent, but doesn't linger around forever. If my hair touches my neck, it smells of this perfume all day though. I love their style too. Contemporary, and city like if that makes sense. Skin Journey also make amazing products for the skin....and soaps too. Their Etsy is here.

Dress Green...what can I say. This woman is a master of her art. This is the 2nd pot of this cream I've bought. It's the don. My usual cream/balm of choice, especially for nightime use has always been Decleor Essential Night Balm. Pricey to say the least. This little pot here works the same wonders at a fraction of the cost. The ingredients list is mega. Lauren includes wasabi root, green tea, goji berry, licorice & pomegranate in this little pot of goodness, along with a lot more. My skin is so soft and plumped up after using this. I'm an addict...and the smell is lovely. Tea Tree, Sage & Lemon. I've blogged this cream before...you may remember.
Anyhoo, her shop is here.
Check out the amount of feedback....now that's a woman doing the right thing!

This pot 'ere is MINE! I don't sell any other products than soap as I'm not certified too. However, I make them at home for my own use. This is a new brown sugar scrub I made a couple of weeks ago. Inside is Demerara sugar, caster sugar, calendula infused sunflower oil, a shed load of organic shea butter, cinnamon powder & an amazing essential oil blend. The same blend in fact as my 'Harvest Moon' soap. It scrubs, it softens, it moisturises and it smells like heaven to me. Certainly no need for body butter afterwards. The consistency is like cookie dough. I love this stuff. I may branch out eventually once I'm happy with other products I make....but until then, I'll leave you envious (or not!).

Hope you enjoyed this post. I'm off to make that graf soap I've been harping on about.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Back Porch Lounger

My inspiration for the following bar of soap.

Balls n rivers of black

sneaky side shot

Back Porch Lounger stack

I've no idea. Don't even ask me.
I had this name for a soap in my head for a long long time. It was coming up with something to suit it that had me stumped.
All my life I've wanted a back porch with 2 rockers and an infinite landscape to view.
Since watching Fried Green Tomatoes, I've wanted the Threadgood house with it's all-around porch and its warm inner glow.
My dream is kicking back on my back porch with a tall glass of freshly squeezed homemade lemonade with my TWO deerhounds softly snoozing in their beds and Matt in his pottery across the way from my soap workshop. Nice dream ain't it?
Then I got to thinking a little more about this ere soap.
My Lemon Citron soap was due for a revamp. The scent is nice, but not quite right. It looks good, but doesn't sell so well.
Pen to paper and I came up with Lemon (my lemonade), Cedarwood (the wooden back porch thing), Ho Leaf (the buttery warmth) & Litsea Cubeba (to make the lemon more....lemony).
I got to thinking about the stylin'. 2 black lines, balls - it's all been going on since the tutorials!
Organically grown (courtesy of moi) Lemonbalm to add depth to the white half of the mix, then a pale lemon coloured contrast.
The scent is EXACTLY what I wanted. The look of it...not so much.
Matt asked if I'd cut it the next day.....'yeah, come see', I said.
He picks one up....'oh yeah...but it would look better without the balls'.
I agree.
The next batch I make shall have 3 lines, 2 sections of pale lemon, and 2 sections of white with the lemonbalm. Simplicity is key I suppose.
Do you see where I went with this?!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter Bank Holiday Soap Sale - WOOP!

If you'd like to purchase some truly luxurious soaps this Easter, I urge you to check out our shop.

We are running an Easter Sale from Friday 2nd April through Monday 5th April (GMT) with a whopping 25% discount. This will save you ££'s off any soap or sampler pack or bundle.
Go to the FuturePrimitive Soap shop here or my Etsy here.

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No excuses will be accepted if you forget to type the code, so be a bit shop savvy! You gotta put a bit of work in too...

The SALE will end at Midnight on Monday.
Thank You! x