Friday, 11 February 2011

Walter Sickert....stirred something in me

On my birthday last week Matt and I took a trip to Oxford. We went to visit the Ashmolean museum for the second time. It's been a couple of years since we last went and quite a lot has moved/changed.
The last time I went I didn't have the time or the head space to really enjoy the paintings and the tapestries and the India dept. as I would have liked so this time since it was just Matt and I, we strolled around looking at the items, which stirred something inside us both.
Matt of course was checking out all the pottery (he's a slipware potter if you didn't know) and I fell in love with the Indian God sculptures and the Linens, the Egyptian Gold and the areas dedicated to all the great painters.
Walter Sickert though was the one who's paintings made me stop dead in my tracks. Not because I have anything in common with the paintings, but because they are so thought provoking and rather ahead of their time.
This one above just blew me away. I stood in front of it for quite a while before Matt found me.
I took this close up pic along with the storyboard for you all to see.
I love the expressions and the bottle on the mantlepiece and how everything in the home is as it should be...apart from the occupants.
Saddening. I almost want to jump in the pic and say "You go one way...You go the other"!
But at the same time I can see why they stay as they are.


Amy Warden said...

Such sadness, yes! And while I know realistically this happens to couples throughout history, spanning every culture, there can be so much more to marriage than this. Hubby and I will be celebrating 13 years in August, and he still looks at me the way he did the day we were married. I am blessed beyond words.

Tiggy said...

Glad you commented Ames!
And you made me smile from ear to lovely.
Matt and I have been together for 10 years now and yep...we still got it too! One can only live in hope that he doesn't look at me the way this man here is looking at his wife (as in not at all!)

Melissa said...

My interpetation - he seems rather contented leaning back in his chair with a cigar, perhaps? It's the woman I feel for. Is it coincidence that his drawn back chair seems to trap her? Is she wondering what happened to her dreams and aspirations? I'm so lucky that my husband supports me in whatever it is I want to achieve. Unconditional! Thanks for the insight Tiggy.

Tiggy said...

You're welcome Melissa. Glad you commented.
I don't see contentment in his face though...I see years gone by, which have been kinda wasted.
The picture rather saddens me.
I guess we're lucky with the ones we have eh?!

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In short we always have to move on ........This is life.