Tuesday, 19 July 2011

NEW Website is LIVE!

I worked all weekend to get our new website up and running.
The old one was so limited in what it could do. I wanted more involvement from our customers such as testimonials that were live, all the social media apps in one place and a more simplistic looking home page with all the mod cons.
Now all I need to do is tackle the e commerce area of the new site. I have created it...but we all know how much work is involved in uploading stock inventory with pictures and differing postage rates etc etc...
Anyways, I hope you like it, and I hope you get involved with us a little more.
Join the Facebook page (I ramble there quite often), follow my Twitter, see my YouTube and Vimeo vids and write to me if you like!
I guess all this social media avoidance didn't go too well for me. Have we all become dependent upon people who we never see?!!

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Hi all,
Just a quickie to say I'm taking a break with Matt for a week.
We will be around, but will be doing 'our thing'.
The Etsy shop is closed at present (and may not re-open).
The online shop & website remain open and you may place orders, but they will be dealt with on 11th July.
Just to say a huge thank you for making the Summer Solstice release a huge success. I am so grateful for your orders and your messages and comments. I have re-stocked the products, which sold out fast and will be introducing a few new 'High Summer' soaps to keep the release interesting and refreshed up to it's end date of August 21st.
Have a fab week.