Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Yule Release

Hello lovelies!

The FuturePrimitive Yule Release will go live tomorrow at 8pm (London Time).
I have had the most fun creating the cupcake soaps (I know..so not me).  At first, my attempts at 'frosting' were dire but after much practice I found it a bit of a doddle and actually rather pleasing.
To see a whole table lined up with fancy ass pastel shaded cupcake soaps is really rather exciting and grin inducing. I was squealing at them!
Thoughts of cake, chocolates and rich foods led me to create them.  I think I have a problem with diets so this is the next best thing to actually biting into gooey cakes and toffees!
There are also 3 Yule bar soaps, including the ever popular Snowdrift (there's something so comforting about the scent).  Great Expectations is the other bar soap, then the infamous 'Midnight Marauder' - yanno...the one with the footprints and sugar dustings.
Along with the soaps there will be the new formula Bubbling Sugar Scrubs (actually more of a froth than a bubble - name change?), Body Whips and Aromatic Oils in frosted ruby red bottles.  There will be a few stocking filler treats added to the range as we go along.  Expect Bubble Bars en masse!
In all, there are 12 new scents but not all scents are available in every product type. Out of the 12 scents, 7 of them are available in the complete range.  I only have one set of hands...!

'Chocolatier' cupcake soap

'Glacial' Body Whip

'Cratchit's Lemon Tea' cupcake soap

'Midnight Marauder' Bubbling Sugar Scrub

'Pickwick's Pear' Aromatic Oil.

This season, we have a theme going on throughout the range.  After visiting Portsmouth at the end of the summer with my Mum I was inspired to create a range for Christmas based on Dickens.
Deb, a fellow FB and YT regular gave me the idea after reminding me that Dickens was born in Portsmouth and what could be more Christmassy than Dickens?  Well, to a girl living in rural England, nothing quite frankly!
So, Charlie boy is my inspiration.  Men in Top hats, skinny black trousers with pointed boots, fat tummies, Ebeneezer Scrooge, The Pickwick Papers, The Old Curiosity Shop, Victoriana, Curios, Oliver Twist and Great Expectations gave me a good starting point to set off creating scents to mimic the 'bad ol days' of England.  Let's face it, his stories were certainly not for the faint hearted.  Take The Old Curiosity Shop for instance - what happened to poor old Nell has me keeled over in tears.
What Dickens' stories do however, is draw the reader into a world unknown.  A world of intrigue, curiosity and darkness along with excitement and a little happiness. But most of all, over-indulgence!
So, here we have it.  Some sweet delights, some dark delicacies and some old time favourites to pamper the body and grace the pulse points.

Happy pre Christmas everybody.