Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ever Forward...

I'm so behind on the blog front.
I see Britton from Haus of Gloi had Matt write their Xmas blog post (nice work) and she made me feel behind, hence why I felt compelled to write a few words before this year ends.
I have been meaning to write for the longest time but have been so caught up in a net of never-ending orders that when I do get a chance to sit I do just that.
So - First things First.
What a crazy old year it's been. Matt and I went from being not so busy with our ventures to all out crazy busy within one year. I blame YouTube.
Before I graced the video world with my presence my soap sales were good, but not this good.
YouTube opened up a whole new world to us here in our little house. We have both found new friends, some of whom I talk to regularly (Kim from My Natures Art, Donna from Valhalla soap co) and whom have become life long friends. Never ever thought that would happen. I like to keep myself to myself somewhat and at first doing videos just felt silly. Yanno, you're talking but there's nobody in the room....only there is....albeit miles away behind computer screens. I have almost 500 subscribers to my channel now and counting. It doesn't come without it's nutters let me assure you, I've met rather a lot of 'bitchy' women and also a person with a rubber glove fetish! I hardly ever wear gloves anymore to make soap due to that little incident. Scarred for life.
I have grown to enjoy YouTube, I no longer feel self conscious as soon as I hit the record button. It feels so much more natural now that I know the people who are watching me and I them.
It has brought me some kind of solace and some extra success, which is always a bonus.
Almost every surface in this house has something on it, whether it be piles of orders printed off ready for addressing and packaging, tissue paper to wrap it nicely, postage labels, cardboard boxes, bubble envelopes...literally every surface in our home has some work 'stuff' plonked on the top of it. Whilst I am aware of how some folks don't appreciate the videos, I can't mock it as it's brought me so much more than I ever anticipated....but I promise to be a better blogger like I used to be.
I plan to bring you more of my surroundings in pictures, some more information on essential oils I'm loving and blending and maybe a few blends for you to try yourself.
I also aim to seek out some new soapers with new blogs. I miss the days of searching blogger for newbies.
Looking back on this past year I can say it's been a good one, a happy one and one of revelations.
I hope I can say the same about the one coming our way.
After the Xmas season is over in just a few days I hope my head space will allow me to dream up my spring range. At the moment I'm stumped. I know what I want, it's just sitting in complete silence and jotting down ideas and blends then trialing them in soap tests to see if they work.
The time between Xmas and New Year will allow me that.
I sincerely hope all is well with my fellow bloggers and look forward to seeing you and hearing from you in the new year.

To finish I leave you with some of my favourite products from 2011:
FuturePrimitive Soap Co - Spoonley Woods soap - a blend of Eucalyptus, Pine, Cinnamon Leaf & Cypress oil with cornflower petals.

Haus of Gloi - Peach Mama soap (the most sexy peach I've ever sniffed).

Bodygoodies 'Fij' soap - buy it! Your skin will say 1,000,000 thanks!

Valhalla Soap Co. 'Avalon Sunrise' soap - Matt's all time favourite this year (he literally snagged it right out of my stash box!).

Other companies to look out for if you haven't already:
My Natures Art - no soap above because the ones I have are all sold out! She be busy!

There are more I know there are...but you just have to wait for me to remember them!
In the meantime, take a browse.

Ones I long for:

That's all for now...more in the new year!
Good Day x