Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Spring Production

A little picture heavy blog post just because.

So from the top down:

Lemonade Lounger.  A slightly new design where I used some yellow mica instead of yellow oxide. I love how fresh it came out and that the contrast is popping. However much I like it, I will most probably change it back when I next make it. It still has vanilla seeds and Dead Sea mud inside it but to be honest I much prefer it when it looks more rustic and thrown together. 

Elijah's Comfort soap with a new textured top. As some of you may be aware my partner, Matt is a potter.
This particular soap is named after his Great Great Grandfather, Elijah Comfort (great name) who was also a potter in the 30's. I wanted to incorporate a meander across the top, similar to what you may see on old slipware pots, and also all over my house wherever a surface has some condensation! Matt likes to do meanders on everything. He was pretty impressed with this soap top.

 Elijah in the mould along with Gossamer Ghost and Ethereal Seas, which are two of the soaps coming out in our spring release at the end of March. Gossamer Ghost is a blend of citrus mixed with Neroli accord and Coriander oil, and Ethereal Seas is one of my personal faves with EO's of Basil, Lime, Bergamot and Geranium. 

A close up of Elijah after the cut.

Ethereal Seas close up. On the top is black salt.

Now for something a little different. I made a pact with myself at the start of the year to start making some fun soaps, which would allow me to enjoy the process of running a soap business a little more. As time has flown by, and things have moved on, and the business has grown, I have found that parts of my job have become more 'Have To' rather than 'Want To', which sucks. So, I decided that in order to save me from myself I would start to use some different ingredients and some different fragrances in order to satisfy my creative needs. This soap is one of my play time results.  It's a blend of 3 different coconut FO's with lashings of coconut cream, shredded coconut and in the base, some ground coffee. Turns out it's been a very good seller so it may be that I make it again. The beauty part is that I don't have to if I don't want to!

And Lagoon...! Oh my! It was requested on numerous occasions that I bring it back and so without further delay I made it. Lagoon was my all time favourite soap and scent so I was over the moon to make this one again. It was knocked out of the General Catalogue line up due to being taken over by the countless array of other scents I have made, and which have become part of the GC. It's an easy one to soap. It only contains Lavender, Geranium and Patchouli EO's along with some oxides for colour. Just look at the peaks. Love.
I've snagged myself a couple of bars to stash.

Another EO soap for spring. This one is The Ancients - a blend of Mandarin, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang. It smells incredible and looks beautiful. Look out for this one with the spring release.

A customer favourite made into soap. This is Sylph. A blend of Lavender essential oil and a Marshmallow accord. It smells absolutely incredible. I had to do a quick in the pot swirl to get this on in the mould as the fragrance part likes to move fast in soap. It came out perfect. This is it just after pouring and going, immediately into the gel phase.

This one has me stumped. The scent is fresh, clean, sea-like, but herbal and soft all at the same time.  I'm trying to find a name, which is proving difficult but it will come....
This is actually one of my favourites from the spring release. I'm a sucker for fresh clean scents and this one to me smells just like a holiday home....but I'm damned if I'm calling it that!

A close up of Gossamer Ghost. Pretty.

Here's a recent batch of Rook & Raven, which incidentally is for somebody else...the whole batch. I have a few bars left, which will go on sale shortly. I love the black on the top of this. I added a little too much but the results were pretty nice.

 A worktop full of freshly stamped soap. At the front is The Ancients, next in line is Sylph and towards the back, the one with no name.

Random but a beautiful sunset I captured on my Samsung A3 phone a couple of weeks ago. It was 5pm, silent and beautiful. You can just see my new dog, Bridie on the left of the pic.

And again. I love how just from looking at the pic you can tell it's still winter. Still cold but with a hint of spring coming through. This is our favourite field to walk across. It's like a big gymnasium floor for Bridie dog

If you click on this one you can make out that the moon is hovering just over the tree line.

And here she is again. Dog tired.

That about sums up the start of my year. I'll be back with more stuff to show as it happens.
Hope you're all keeping well. 
Tiggy x